Yext Review: The Ultimate Scam Site


Yext bills itself as the solution for any business problems you might have. It uses a process called PowerListings, and it guarantees that you can get new clients and customers by using its services. As soon as you sign up for the service, the company will supposedly place your business name at the top of more than 20 search engines, and you’ll have personalized listings when people search for local businesses. While many business owners thought this sounded like a great idea, Yext is just another scam company that preys on the weaknesses of those with limited experience of how the Internet works.

Yext Powerlistings

Search Engine Rankings

Let’s say that you run a gardening and landscaping business in Des Moines, Iowa. When locals search for landscaping companies on Google, Google will put the top local businesses at the top of the search results page. If you have even one review from a past customer, Google will rank your information higher. If you have a website, that page will appear high in the search results too. PowerListings from Yext will do little to change the rank of your website or company name.

If you only read the information the company provides, you won’t know that it can’t help increase your rankings on Google. While you might see your business mentioned on Mapquest or Yahoo, most people do their shopping and searches through Google. They hope that you won’t notice that your Google results remain the same. Unless you want to pay a high price for something that doesn’t work, look for an alternative to this company, or better yet, do the work yourself.

High Costs and Cold Calls

Yext charges a high fee for its services, and while prices start at $500, you might receive a quote of $1,000 or more. You’ll also find that once the company has your information, it won’t let go. After filling out the contact form on the company’s website, a representative will call you with a quote. If you turn down the first quote, the representative will offer you a lower quote. Even if you say that you’re not interested and hang up the phone, the calls won’t stop. Representatives will call you at all hours of the day and night, trying to push you into a different package. You might even find that the company begins harassing or threatening you, claiming that it can ruin your business.

Yext Cold CallingThe company often relies on cold calling in the hopes of picking up new clients. It has representatives who deliberately call companies, claiming that they asked for more information. Larger businesses often listen to the sales pitch without realizing that they didn’t contact Yext first. Those who turn down the company will find that the calls continues for weeks and even months with new sales pitches.

Many users also find that the company charges their credit cards automatically at the end of the year. Your contract won’t list the renewal terms, and the company will tell you that you can cancel at any time, but canceling is harder than you might think. The calls will continue after canceling your contract, and you might even deal with a few representatives who refuse to take no for an answer.

Potential Loss of Sales

Yext claims that it works with dozens of websites and will get the name of any business onto those sites, but the company often fails to deliver on that promise. When it does link those listings, it often uses affiliate listings. Every time that visitors use the link on that website to visit your page, the company makes money. You’ll also find that some of your listings link back to the company’s own website. Instead of users clicking on your page, they must go through their site to find your information. This company uses your hard work as free advertising, redirecting potential customers through its own website. Many customers will skip the page and look for another company in the area.

Citation Issues

One of the other big problems associated with Yext is with the citations on your page. Creating a page on Foursquare, building a Facebook page and launching other associated pages often requires verification that you own that business. Google requires phone verification, and other websites will demand that you contact them through a work email. The company somehow gets around these verifications when launching those associated pages and linking your company on different websites. When you decide to cut ties with them, you might find that the company refuses to give you back those citations, making it difficult to separate yourself from the poor pages the company built.

While a few businesses find Yext helpful, most companies learn that it charges a high fee for something they can do on their own. If you don’t have the time or you are managing multiple locations please check out our local SEO services  and see how we can help. Please share you own experiences below.

1.5 / 5 stars     

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    • Tani Roberts
    • April 24, 2021

    Run away and do not give them your money- after paying for the service 6 months later – I still get a robot email response and can not get any of my listings updated. Worse is that you must use Yext to correct Mapquest and Yellowpages. So my info is still wrong and I can’t get a real person at Yext to help.

  1. Reply

    Yext and other such power listing services purchased control of my business listings from services that used to list them for free. Now, in order to update or have them removed, they want me to pay? That’s the same as stealing my TV and expecting me to buy it back, but this is worse because my business is my livelihood. Every attempt to get my listings removed from their control has gone in circles.

    • Lyle Wachovsky
    • April 8, 2020

    Yext is the closest I have seen – in my opinion – to a company that relies of legalized extortion. Here is the entire text of an e-mail I received from Yext rep Jonah Brooks – “Thank you for reaching out. You are currently not a customer of Yext, and in no way shape or form is Yext controlling or manipulating your listings or spreading misinformation about your company. We currently have no control over your information online, and the only way we can control it is if you provide it to us in our Knowledge graph which then structures your information to the search engines. The purpose of partnering with Yext is that the information you put in our software (ex. your address) can sync onto all the search engines because of our companies direct integrations approach. If you do not want your address to show at all, you can hide it on the search engines through the Yext platform. We are a paid service, but we are not distorting your information for a profit beforehand like you seem to be insinuating. Rather, we organize the information that is incorrect about your company online to serve you. Thank you for your time, and if you are interested in being a Yext customer please let me know.” Can you believe this? The organize the information that is incorrect to help me.” Just how does that help me? I provided them with the correct info for my business address, but they don’t care about being correct – they are greedy – they care about taking your money. They don’t care if people go to an incorrect address and find there is no store. They’ve done nothing wrong – but they wanted a year’s contract $499 to post the correct info – is that disgusting or what. Worse than a scam.

    • Gary
    • November 27, 2018

    To everyone who has posted negative reviews
    Let me explain my situation I open a transportation company did it on my own trying to advertise to no avail I found yext and I pay $499 a year and my business is booming and the pages I see on the listings on yext I’m see all over the internet and my customers are telling me where there finding me and I had no idea. Yext does work for me I cant talk for everyone but, thank you yext for getting my business off the ground and booming.

  2. Yext = “zero calls, zero inquiries, or zero leads.”
    Yext lost the lawsuit also.

  3. Reply

    Yext is a joke but YELP is an even bigger joke. Stay away from both!!!!!

  4. Reply

    Stay far, far away from this modern-day boiler room! High-pressure sales people, lack of transparency and high cost with little value added. Bad deal.

    • Michael ACE
    • June 8, 2017

    Yext Response was the worst response ever given you basically said that Yext dose not work unless we pay a yearly fee of 500 that is outrageous so I pay you guys to change my address and it fails within one year that means your work dose not stick…. but the scanners of the web their systems work because it sticks I will notify all my friends and business that I work with in an email blast and my social media I asked for you help and all you want to do is take my money we are a small business and all you want is money but your service dose not deliver the service not worth it all all. NOT WORTH THE MONEY CHANGE THE INFO YOUR SELF !! AND SAVE MONEY. IT’S CHEAPER TO HIGHER A TECH TO DO THIS FOR YOU INSTEAD OF YEXT.

    • Richard
    • April 21, 2017

    They are really a biggest scam company I have ever faced in my life, they will promise that they will bring your business name every and on the top of google search results locally before you signup with them…but trust me you will not get any increase in your business at all.

    They will tell you that this service is for 1 year but they will automatically charge from your account next year as well without informing you and if you try to get rid of them they will simply not give you access to your own facebook, website, and other website and left you in the middle of no where.

    Beeeeaaaaaawwwwwwwaaarrrrrrrreeeeeee……..!! with YEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXTTTT

    • Jason
    • April 6, 2017

    Yext are a complete ripoff, this is the shady, spammy side of the internet. They cold called me and the lady spent almost half an hour trying to convince me that Google bases a huge part of its site ranking on the accuracy of info posted on any of 75 or so obscure local business directories that NOBODY uses but which, surprise surprise, require that you pay Yext if you want to correct your business listing with them. She actually tried to convince me that Google will judge your site’s credibility based on whether or not you’ve paid this ripoff fee to get listed. When I tried to point out to her that that strategy would go against everything Google’s ranking algorithm stands for, she became more and more snippy in her speech and eventually hung up. Folks, this is just another SEO scam, but one which seems to have made quite a splash for itself. Avoid like the plague.

    • March 3, 2017

    Just wanted to state some of the same things stated here. They pretty much hold your phone listing hostage until you pay them. They will not remove you at all. I believe this is a terrible way of doing business and I suggest to stay away .

  5. Reply

    Unfortunately text has started taking over some of the free listing pages. They are plucking them off one by one trying to corner the market on free listings. Charging upwards of $1000 for a simple listing a year. Problem is they now own your listing. If you don’t pay guess what happens to your listing. Oops now its gone. These jokers can basically pull all your work off the internet just because you want to update your listing.

    Not but 5 minutes after I put in a request for a free yahoo listing I got a call from text. They told me that its a good thing because updating your information on all these sites is time consuming. I expained to her that it used to be free to do this and I enjoyed the listing of my company all over the internet. You have so many options when it came to adding your company across the internet it wasn’t even funny. I said I much preferred when I could list my company for free.

    Her response ” Its 2017 and listings cost money.”

    Yext is the garbage of the planet

    • Scott
    • October 8, 2016

    I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit. I do my own SEO on my web site. Ive placed most my directory listings personally. Yext keeps changing my listings names. Which is suppose to lower your rankings if they’re not all the same.
    Now Yext is part of Manta and Angies list. So my listings there have been altered by a third party (Yext). Its basically a directory listings scam, where they change your business listig to try and make you buy there listings corrector. I have observed this behavior for years. Manta fixed my Page business name but they didn’t fix the name in Google results. If the two directories won’t correct it I guess Ill have to remove my listings with them. I really hate Yext for changing my name in my directory listings (Ad). Let me know if there’s a lawsuit. I may try to get one started but we’ll see. Keywords Yext Scam and class action lawsuit.

      • Scott Sidoti
      • March 23, 2018

      Hey Scott, this is also Scott S. There needs to be some sort of lawsuit for these crooks. I am beyond frustrated with them. We’re trying to update listings and everytime we touch one we get a sale call from them or Hibu. They are somehow related. This has to stop.

    • Held Hostage
    • October 4, 2016

    Our business can not correct a category error in our Yahoo listing unless we pay Yext $500.00.

  6. Reply

    this company has taken over the internet somehow, I am trying to update business listing, but from yahoo to white pages they all demand that I pay a monthly fee, just to have the right address listed. Screw yext, yahoo, white pages, and all the other sites that refuse to update my information. There should be a class action lawsuit

    • E M
    • August 10, 2016

    First: My fellow business owners, do your research! Yext has horrible business practices! Additionally, the prices for what they offer to do for you are ridiculous. If you are already paying for an assistant or have 30 minutes per day for 5 days, you can “fix your info” on search engines and online yourself. My very low rating goes to their bullying sales tactics. They will blow up your phone and then proceed to try to insult your business sense and savvy because they’re so much smarter than you are. 4x phone calls per day for a week straight is desperate. Insulting business owners is unprofessional and desperate and anyone who stoops to these tactics is not someone I recommend doing business with.

      • Tina C
      • May 10, 2018

      I have 30 minutes per day for 5 days, HOW can i “fix your info” on these search engines? every time I click on the link to verify or fix my info (we moved to a new town) I get sent to them… beyond frustrating.

  7. Reply

    I was cold called and the woman tried saying that I stumbled across yext while in yahoo!. Sorry, I don’t use yahoo for anything and had never heard of this site before today. She scheduled an appointment with me to talk about what Yext is and then missed the appointment, called 2.25 hours later and tried to reschedule. When I said, sorry I’m booked, she asked for 5 minutes. Fine… you have 5 minutes. No I don’t need mass marketing for my local company that keeps me so busy that I have only had 4 days off since September. No, I have never been to or heard of the site as she claimed I had. She lied to me and tried to say that my information came to her, I replied by saying that it is available on Yelp! and Google. Anyone can look me up and I receive calls like this at least weekly, if not daily or a few times per day. At least other companies are more honest about how they find me, even if I am not interested in more advertising.

    • Web Dude
    • March 6, 2016

    Thanks for the heads up. Won’t be doing business with Yext.

  8. Reply

    They are rotten to the core.

  9. Reply

    They have been calling our shop daily making threats that NO ONE will find our store . That they have taken over all search engines very nasty attitude’s over the phone continues to call & harass.. WE HAVE NOT DONE ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH THEM matter fact we have filed complaints with the other search engine co. about them !

  10. Reply

    Absolutely the definition of rip-off!! I simply asked map quest to correct our mis spelled name and theses guys charred me $150

    • SEO Master
    • January 27, 2016

    Their sales people are relentless. I had one of them call me 3 times in a row, one after another. I just blocked the number.

    • Jane
    • January 27, 2016

    Thank you, it seems Yext is now taking over Yahoo free listings. I received an email saying I needed to convert if I wanted to keep my free listing. I filled out their form and the calls began saying they were going to double my business……it reminded me of Yelp. I Googled Yext, first found a site they must own because all the reviews are great, almost like a sales pitch. Anyway I won’t be paying them but it looks like I am in for a lot of spam.

    • Zoey
    • January 18, 2016

    Really bad. It’s like a virus. It catches me everywhere I go. It blocks me list to other free website. What a scam a ripoff company!!!

    • Amanda
    • January 7, 2016

    Some guy named Cameron was pushy and said many incorrect things. He was extremely rude as if he had no customer service skills at all. He could have been working at a dog wash the day before? He said they do not use SEO and they do. He said i can nit change any listings on my own, even though i have the business listing PW etc. and said only they can change them. When i told him i had been doing the interenet almost as long as he had been alive. ( almost ) is just continuouly Laugh in the phone for the rest of the call. I said please stop the cold calls and he said ” WE DONT COLD CALL ” Complete scam….. Stay away…

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    • William
    • December 18, 2015

    Wow! So these guys and Mapquest teamed up to rip people off!

    I got a call from them after not finishing up my application and they were trying to get me to sign up for their $150 per month package to list my business on websites that are already free!

    When I told them that I signed up for free the Rep pretty much called me a liar by saying my business wasn’t listed (being verified) and hung up on me.

  12. Reply

    Thank you for the review. Very strange also with my account. They offered to fix 42 search engine listings, but after paying 199$ I just found 6 (!!!) search engine in my account, but there was a button to fix another (…) 50 search engines for more money. There I could see that I actually are only on an emerging account, managing 4 (!!!) search engines instead of 42 (!!!) according to their site. Please see my links as verification:

    I’m just shocked !!!!

    Still waiting for their reply but actually I’ve no hope. I’ve been scammed one more time … :-((

    • KPB
    • October 5, 2015

    I used what seemed like a free scan to check my client’s business. When I realized they were selling a service, I left the site. Right away they contacted me with a hard sell. When I didn’t answer, they contacted my client and they used my name as a reference! Highly unprofessional and unethical.

  13. Reply

    YEXT appears to be working on a monopoly of the oldie but goodie free business listings. Here is yet another company ruining what was once a good thing. I signed up for their “so called” free business listing only to find out it wasn’t free and then when I declined, they kept calling me every single week (and still do to this day) even after I said I was not interested and even called them a monopoly on the phone. This company by far is the worst (right ahead of Yelp).

    • burr3rd
    • September 8, 2015

    We paid Yext $99 dollars to get listed on the “White Pages” and after 9 days they had failed to get me a listing. Once you sign up, you will be blocked from getting free listings on any sites that have been associated with them. The “White Pages” aren’t important enough to worry about doing business with Yext, which seem to be a total scam. They say they are giving us our money back, I hope they follow through.

  14. Reply

    We just discovered that Yext does NOT direct traffic to YOUR website, but instead creates a MIRROR SITE that is identical to your site, and directs traffic THERE.

    Our URL is

    But as you can see, Yext has created a mirror site at URL without our permission.
    When I try to address this to the staff, i get the run around.

    Now it is time to find all Yext users and start a class action….

    • Minnesota girl
    • September 3, 2015

    Received 3 sales calls in two weeks, when i finally answered she was pushy and had an attitude when i declined the sales offer, twice.

    • Wise
    • July 21, 2015

    I had a very bad experience with Yext too. We were not even listed at all in towns where they promised to list us. I would highly discourage anyone from using them. I feel they are a total ripoff

    • Reply

      You not the first , I had phony sales rep Tom Hill Re edit my ads after i gain FREE listings from their partners site, elocal, locality, topix, local database, and etc. Tom hill got mad so he went behind me and re edit my FREE ads. YEXT ripoff artists.

  15. Reply

    I payed you $499.00 and you was to put it back on my card 3 weeks later you have not WHY?

    • Greg
    • June 15, 2015

    Has anyone ever tried Moz Local? It’s similar to Yext and much lower cost. I chose Yext because they had more listings, duplicate suppression, and partnership incentives (like branded listing scanner) I’ve already signed up with Yext, but after reading this I’m a little hesitant to sign my other clients up on Yext

    • pat wilson
    • June 2, 2015

    YEXT IS A SCAM HERE IS MY REVIEW I JUST FOUND ON YELP and here is what the guy wrote I checked out what he said he is right about what he said.

    YEXT is a RIP OFF they allow FAKE BUSINESS TO EITHER TAKE over legitimate business names in ANY city of the USA causing harm to the business owner or simply allowing them to just makeup any business name out of thin air—
    we are using a building here and when we tried to advertise our business we found out there was this FAKE person using a FAKE business of our address—
    We contacted YEXT and told them and they REFUSED to remove his business even after we offered contact numbers of out city government and police to verify this business that what they have is a fraud made up business —
    All they care about is the $500 dollars— The business we are talking about just no one here thinks we are just making this up is called
    A1Junk cars at :
    2456 W Cornell Street
    ,Milwaukee WI 53209 feel free for anyone to contact our Commercial Neighborhood Service department at 414-286-2268 and ask for Commercial and they will let you know there is no such business at this address.
    YEXT is a LAIR just like the scam artists that go on there with these fake listings—Whats funny is I bet money instead of YEXT trying to correct FRAUD errors on there sites they will spend time getting there staff to come back in here to make GREAT reviews for them— Try spending your time doing right for your customers then wrong !

  16. Reply

    Just got a call from one of Yext’s sales people today. When I told her I would rather upload my information to these directories manually than to pay $500, she got very nasty. She even said “well, good luck getting listed”. I actually felt intimidated by the call.

    • Steph
    • March 30, 2015

    Everyone should know several sites can not be corrected without yext (odd that they seem to have become filled with errors after the site outsourced to yext only) and if you stop paying yext your listings revert to original state or are removed.

  17. Reply

    Yext and whitepages are all bogus services, okay do give you what you pay for. But man, do you pay for it, I mean your gonna pay a lot. We at NinthEngine do basicaly the same for a much lower cost. I don’t know why people fall for these scams anyway. It’s best to find a Yext alternative then to buy their product. I totally agree with some of these comments.

  18. Reply


    Update on Yext.

    Admittedly,Yext only called once or twice. I never answer my phone and they quit calling. I didn’t recieve the harassment that I feared from these reviews. They didn’t even send an email I don’t think. Albeit, I never spoke to them once. A few ideas for advertising is to use the tried and true.

    Online Yellow pages
    Bluehost – Offers free online Yellow pages listing and has awesome deals including Solo SEO and SEO professionals. Each site comes with free trial advs. with Google, Bing, OYP, and others. I’m getting reading to use mine soon.

    It has truly has gotten to where we have to pay for advertising in order to get visitors. If I had the finances I would try Yext just to see what happens. I’m just not at that place yet.

    You can also try LINK REMOVED (This lists your new post links in bookmarking sites) It’s free.

    I’m paying for one called Link Optimiser. I get a few from there. All of this info is on my site because that’s what I do. Try and help bloggers with lots of free information.

    Write and update blogs regularly.

    Post on other bloggers posts a lot.

    I’m paying for one called Link Optimiser. I get a few from there. All of this info is on my site because that’s what I do. Try and help bloggers.


      • Bill
      • February 10, 2015


      Your link posted in your stuff above for LINK REMOVED is a Bogus, Virus site…

    • jake
    • October 28, 2014

    Seems like Yext has turned out to be the proper way to streamline the entire process. It also seems like there isn’t another legitimate service out there to challenge them in the marketplace and that makes people mad…I’m not sure I understand. If all of the search engines find Yext is the best way to gather information, shouldn’t you use it too? Just my two cents, I signed up 6 months ago and have never had a problem with the work they are doing. I also deleted my credit card out of my dashboard so it wouldn’t auto renew. The sales rep who politely called one time told me how to do that right away. I asked that they not follow up and they didn’t. I called them back a month later and signed up. My info was correct for the first time in years 4 days later. No complaints.

    • ken huston
    • August 24, 2014

    all these negative reviews. And not a single mention of how or who to use, to get your business listing out to people.

    • Reply

      You can do listings yourself. Start with basics,,, google +, twitter,, yellow pages. Avoid, and If you need more exposure then that, see the websites that offers to place your listing on and just visit those sites yourself and sign up and claim your business.

    • Sean
    • August 18, 2014

    So I submitted my information and got the “list” of everything wrong with our listings, but as I went to change them manually at each site…I couldn’t find the ability unless I wanted to change it through Yext…from what I understand they’ve completely taken the ability to manually edit your own listings.

    Am i missing something or is this just part of the crime ring?

  19. Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I didn’t have the money to pay Yext anyway and deeply regret giving them my phone number. I hope that everyone considering that company sees this review. If they harass me I’ll add a web site page onto my site similar to this one.

    Again, thank you,


  20. Reply

    The companies that subscribe to Yext have made it impossible for small business. We perform SEO and management of listing for a number of small business, all which have been contacted by Yext. All have been basically threatened or chastised during the sales call. I find any Social site or Internet service that uses Yext we take of off our list to do business with including advertising dollars. I could see maybe a one time fee for the service if it was reasonable, but the large monthly fees and the threats to undo what they fix one time is bad business practices.

    Yahoo and most of the companies that Yext represents are worthless for good SEO, and as mentioned above if the listing doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google Search what use is it. I have found since Panda 4.0 most of the companies have been removed from Google’s search results.

    Also if you get no traffic which we monitor from these companies what real benefit are they.

    How can you recommend to a small business to burn what few dollars they have for advertising, to pay Yext for nothing.

  21. Reply

    Yext they need to be jailed they are fraud I was Dealing with the devil.
    Don’t waist your money like I did $500 a year and prices getting higher.

    • Anne
    • April 26, 2014

    So I guess I really fell hook line and sinker!! So if I read it right now that I was billed for a year there is no refund, if you cancel that just means you will not be renewed for another year?

  22. Reply

    Thanks so much for the heads up. I called Yext to turn off the auto renew feature. I have my listings handled by them. So far no leads, calls or sales from any of their directories. I have eights months to get the one sale to pay the $500 fee.

    I really appreciate the posts about the auto renew feature.

  23. Reply

    I got a call from these jokers, and everytime I wasn’t happy with the price, they broke it down a little more.

    Not worth the duplicate content penalties and headaches if a client wants to scale back their budget and all that work, money and time are out the window. Just do it manually.

  24. Reply

    I spent the better part of today updating all the contact information on all the web searches today for my husband’s company. I came across yext and though the fee wasn’t too bad if it brought money in. I was currently frustrated with everyone of the sites not having a phone number so I was forced to submit an emqil and wait for help in this. While reviewing the yext site I had a pop-up from Ryan at yext asking if I needed anything. After telling him what I was doing he informed me that it was in my best interest to go his way because the ‘free’ listing companies would NEVER update the information. That summed it up for me on my decision because my husband had already gone through the same process I am going through several years ago. The only reason I am having issues is because he can’t access his email to update it ourselves. Within an hour of speaking to Ryan he was calling my husband. That’s when we remembered the harrassing emails and phone calls when he did this then. I had told Ryan I am stay at home mom I have more time on my hands than money. The funny thing is out of twelve of the sites I worked with today I am only waiting on three replies. I’ll take that $500 I saved today and spend it somewhere else. Thanks for the report.

    • Pam
    • March 10, 2014

    Fortunately I never fell for Yext. After having them run a few of those free listing scans and how bad the results were (meaning how off they were in who Yext said had what), there was no way I would hire them even if I had the money to do so. And you can run one scan right after the other and get different results! One excellent example of many is that one of the scans said my business wasn’t listed on Facebook, yet I’ve had an active FB business page for YEARS. What I actually do is take their list from the scans and do the checking (and fixing if really necessary) myself.

    Excellent article!

  25. Reply

    Thanks for the post. We recently noticed that Yahoo has teamed up with Yext, and as a result, we had lost one of our Yahoo Business Listings with over 20 reviews online. I tried contacting Yahoo, but they said “Assisted support is no longer offered for Local Basic customers. If you are a Local Basic client, please visit the help pages for support.”

    So it seems like they are trying to get everyone to use Yext and to pay for all these one time “Free” listings. I also noticed now White Pages is doing the same thing. There is no way to correct any of these old listings with paying Yext for it. Looks they are all sleeping with the devil.

    • Reply

      You can correct it talk to your creepy sales rep. He can go back and re edit all information. But they dont intend to do that because you not paid client to them you have to spend $ to get their attention. Is that shady or what?

    • Scott
    • March 3, 2014

    I also fell for this scam and now unable to access any of these sites to update our info. I am thinking of having our attorneys file a claim with the FCC because they are scamming small businesses!

    • Reply

      Scott I’m with you please let me know they mess me up so bad and now try to collect3.000 from me

    • Heather
    • February 25, 2014

    I used Yext’s search to hit up every place our company was listed & fix it & then added them to the ones we werent listed on. If they didnt give me that long list of places I could list myself for free I would have never known…. They helped me…for free but yes they suck!

    • Reply

      I did that i went to all of YEXT partners, elocal, locality, topix,, and etc. I gain my FREE listings but the sales rep got mad (Tom Hill) he went back and re edit all my infomation because im not a paid client. They are so full of shit its unbelievable. We as Small business owners dont support YEXT just boycott them.

    • Caleb
    • February 13, 2014

    Hmmmmm interesting stuff thanks for your feedback. I know Home Advisor does similar tactics from stealing leads away from your company website.

    What would you recommend as an alternative to Yext?

    Maybe Single Platform? Thanks!

    • James
    • February 4, 2014

    I agree with the review 100%. Overpriced scam artists using high pressure sales to scam people out of a lot of money. You can hardly call it anything other than scam since they keep you listings hostage and once created you can not access them without paying the annual fee which I think is about $450. If they told people up front that the only customers they have are “customers for life” a lot less people would have signed up.
    By the way Tim I would remove “deleted due to profanity” from this page. It will discourage people from leaving a website url in their comment and can hurt ranking of this page in google.

  26. Reply

    The below message was sent to me after “Johnny’s” message wasn’t automatically approved.

    Name: johnny

    Email: deleted due to profanity

    Comments: Dear Tim,

    It was really unethical of you to remove my pro-yext posting in your comments section. talk about sleazy tactics…as a client of yext’s for 3 years I can actually attest to your absurd accusations. it would only be fair for you to allow both sides to comment on your erroneous claims. you only approve comments that support your incorrect views. you’ve never even subscribed to their services yet you claim to know so much in your “review”. and then to not allow someone who actually uses them to comment on your review? literally EVERYTHING in your review is incorrect about their services. sounds like someone is just upset that they’re losing business to a service that is way more affordable. joke…

    • Akent
    • January 17, 2014

    Yext is a complete scam.
    I get a daily emails from them (as many as 5 a day, all from different ‘associates’) until I had to block their entire domain. Their website does a lot of false-positives. After digging through many of their listings sites, I find out that many are OWNED by Yext!

    DO NOT waste your TIME.

    • Reply


      • Reply

        What people do for $ they get so desperate they go to the extreme. Like for example YEXT biggest scam artist misleading, Tell u everything u want to hear.

      • Sean
      • March 3, 2014

      I also looked around and found the same thing, many of the listing services are just Yext card board listings. I really do not think many use those. I take lots of time to check my business and where it shows up and have had mixed results. Yext is very aggressive and seem to have their hands in all kinds of jars, I see their ads all over the place. I tried to use a service that Yahoo local had but it was the same, I think it was even a front for Yext. Dang that is frustrating… A brilliant idea to have a bunch of lists and only update them when paid.

    • YextGotoHell
    • January 16, 2014

    I’m sick and tired of Yext taking over other local listing websites and hijacking my ability to edit MY OWN INFORMATION instead of paying some ridiculous amount of money to a bunch of sleazy assholes. As an SEO, they make my job total hell. Go to hell Yext, go to hell.

    • Adam Carter
    • December 18, 2013

    Here is the biggest problem that I have, I talked directly with, and also (uses Yext) to update my listings.

    After a bit of prying, I got them to admit that after my first service term expires, if I do not renew. THEY WILL GO BACK AND CHANGE ALL OF THE LISTINGS BACK TO THE INCORRECT INFORMATION. Damned if I am going to pay them any money to repair the listings, only to have my listings held ransom for a subscription that soon as I stop paying they go out of there way to forcefully change the information back.

    This is the biggest SCAM that I have ever seen.

    (This is Yext)
    “What happens to my directory listings if I cancel Yahoo Localworks?
    Cancellation of Yahoo Localworks will result in the removal of all new directory listings and listings updates created when you purchased Yahoo Localworks. If you previously had a basic listing on any of the target directories, your listing should revert to the original basic listing.”

      • jeni
      • March 12, 2015

      Yep – the reverted all my listings back to the old incorrect address/phone when my 1st year was up. Thanks a lot.

      • Johnny
      • January 23, 2014

      The reason your business information would revert back is because you are severing the direct feed of the PowerListings software into the databases of the Yext network. Yext is like the wallpaper inside a house. There may be problems behind the wallpaper, but Yext covers it up nicely. If you want your information fixed right away, but do not want to renew or have the information revert back, you need to submit your business information to the major data aggregators in the year that you use yext. This includes infogroup, axciom, localeze, etc. Then when you decide not to renew, the data aggregators will have your correct information that they then dish out to the sites that Yext partners with.

      Try to think of Yext like any other business model. If you pay your doctor because you are sick, aren’t you going to pay them if you get sick again? If your car breaks down, shouldn’t you have to pay your mechanic to continue fixing the problems with your car? Yext is a service and a business, and just like any business, it charges to continue using it’s services. There is no one time fix or fee for any service in the world, and that’s a fact.

        • Robert
        • February 4, 2015

        Your analogies are ridiculous. If I go to the doctor to have my broken arm set I pay him for the service. He doesn’t revisit me and break my arm. If I Pay a mechanic to fix my brakes I have no expectation of him changing the oil but the brakes stay changed. I came to this review because I have been contacted by Yext, I specifically asked if I use the service for a year to fix all the errors they pointed out. What is the incentive for me to renew next year when the term expires. I was told, I will be so pleased with the ability to update information and offerings on all the sites at once that I will choose to stay. The Yext reprehensive implied my listings would stay the same if I discontinued the service the next year.

      • Reply

        Hey, I approved your comment and posted the lovely email you sent me. Thanks for your contribution Johnny, or should I say Yext PR. 😉

    • brian
    • December 10, 2013

    Yext is a JOKE. I constantly get offers to “check my business”. Every time I check, the results are the same… “wrong address”, “wrong business name” or “wrong phone number”. Within a few hours a rep from Yext will call you since they can obviously tell that you’ve used their site. They will try to deny the FALSE NEGATIVES that their site returns as a ploy to scare you into using them by saying “oh the site does that sometimes” Really? Your site “sometimes” blatantly lies to people? Sorry but I’m not paying $400 a month to update my listings that I know are correct. Don’t walk away from Yext – RUN away.

    • Reply

      Thats the game they rum on you to become a paid client. I experience the same thing always filling up your inbox stated you have poor presence on the search engines. They playing on the weak thinking you dont know.

    • Reply

      Yes Brian they try to collect from me 0ver 3.000 now that they said i sign and own them please RUN Fast away from them far you can

    • Another small business owner
    • December 8, 2013

    Yext is also refusing to correct erroneous phone listings without monthly payments. More sleazy tactics.

    • Jeff
    • November 5, 2013

    Yext is the largest scam company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I have a lot of shady sale people attacking me with horrible offers over the phone, but Yext tops them all. Stay away from these people unless you enjoy having a miserable life.

    • Reply

      Biggest sham or scam – their banners state that you can advertise for free then you give them all of your info and click to the next screen only to find out you have to buy a plan up to $83 a month – it is such a shame that companies can get away this!!

    • Pat Kendrick
    • November 3, 2013

    They are pushy enough that very recently they got mapquest to forgo their free listing service that was in effect basically since the 90s and only start offering ridiculously priced premium listing options via yext platform

    HORRIBLE monopolistic bank-like vampire of a company in my opinion… they will get sued very very soon once they screw up someone’s SEO biz big time… watch

    • Business owner
    • October 22, 2013

    Thanks for posting! I knew they seemed way to pushy. I didn’t like the sound of it from the begining. I have read more bad reviews than good! Stay clear!

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