What is the Google Plus One Button

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The Google Plus One button is popping up all over and people are starting to take notice. The market place is slowly shifting from the physical arena to the electronic market place which is the internet. For anyone to know you exist on internet, you must be found, and the only way to do this is through social media.

The internet has various ways through which a business can be made visible through social media and some of these include Technorati, Flickr, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Delicious, You Tube, Stumble Upon, and Digg to name a few.

Google has not been left behind as one of the social media. They recently joined the list when they launched the Google + 1 button. When a visitor to your site clicks on this button, it is like a thumbs up mark.

It is an indication that they liked your site, business, product or whatever it is, they may have found. After clicking on it, just like stumble upon they would then propose the site to friends and acquaintances that they think would appreciate and visit.

Chances are, this kind of leads usually end up in increased sales, because a referral from a trusted or respected friend is very likely to be taken seriously.

Therefore the Google Plus One button can be defined as a marketing tool used for socializing and proposing a particular site to a selected or preferred network of friends and acquaintances with similar likes. These people will then take some time and visit the proposed site when browsing. Seeing the benefits in buying Google Plus Ones should be clear by this point if it’s not already.

How can Google Plus One benefit a webmaster who has installed it on their site?

Increased traffic: – Google Plus One button will benefit a webmaster when installed on their site because visitors will have the opportunity to propose the site to others. It will happen when visitors like the content, products or services offered on the webmaster’s site, and propose to their network of friends to visit by clicking the Plus One button.

This will automatically increase the traffic to your site depending on the visitor’s network. It is even more beneficial if most of the regular visitors to this site are bloggers. This is because a blogger is more likely to inform others immediately if they like your site unlike those who are not. The results are an increased traffic to your site.

Increased sales: – Another benefit is that it may increase your sales depending on what you are offering. If those to whom the webmaster’s site has been suggested visit and find something they like, either a product or service, chances are that they will make a purchase immediately.

Those who do not purchase right away may retain the contacts and buy in future. This happens simply because the site was put forward by someone they trust.

Multipurpose: Some of those who have used the Plus One button have already discovered how it can be used in various ways to link people with similar ideas, and also to conduct live meetings. This makes it very interesting, unlike most of the social media available.

Therefore, a webmaster can use it to launch a new product and save on travel and accommodation costs. This can be done by arranging a live meeting with the target market globally using the internet.

How will Google use the Plus One button to decide placement in the search listings?

Those who have installed the Plus One button since its launch have noticed a few things in that short duration. It seems like Google will use the Plus One button to decide the page rankings depending on the popularity of a site.

Some people have mentioned how they have moved very fast in past few days of July, from the back to front pages, and with just a few likes from friends and acquaintances who simply clicked the Plus One button on their sites.

This is a clear indication that apart from its major social networking feature, where visitors propose to their friends to view a liked site, it will also determine the page rank of a particular site. Buy Google Plus Ones now and get a lead on your competition before it’s too late.

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