What is the Google Panda Update and How Can You Benefit From it?


The Google Panda update has many online marketers scrambling. A lot of webmasters have seen a significant drop in their search rankings since these changes took effect.

What is the Google Panda update?

It’s the name of Google’s latest algorithm change. It first came out on February 24. At the time over 10% of the search results were switched around. Many webmasters saw their number of daily visitors dive bomb to 50% or less of what they were before.

While the initial wave only impacted the United States, changes are coming soon for the rest of the world. And don’t get too comfortable if you survived the initial cut. Google changes the Panda algorithm every 4-7 weeks, and therefore you still could potentially get slapped if you aren’t careful.

What’s the point of the Google Panda update?

As with every change in the Google algorithm, the main aim is to improve the search results. As always, sites that are low quality, spammy or have no useful content will be hurt the most.

How you can benefit from the Google Panda update

Don’t simply try to “survive” this latest algorithm change-focus on how you can benefit from it. After all, many sites have dropped in the rankings. That means that many others have gone up. Here are 5 ways you can be part of the 2nd group:

#1) Have quality content
This is the most important point of all. If your site provides useful information, you don’t have to worry about any changes in the Google algorithm. In fact, every time they move things around, you will probably see your site rank even higher.

#2) Improve your site structure
A lot of internet marketers only think care about how many links they have pointing to their site. They forget that on-page optimization is also very important for ranking in the search engines. Therefore, make sure that your site is structured in a clear-cut, easy to follow format for the human visitor as well as the search engine robots.

#3) Improve your page rank strategy
You need to make sure you are passing page rank to the appropriate pages. For instance, some keywords are harder to rank for than others. Therefore, the pages targeting those terms should be only 1 click away from the home page, because here they will get the most page rank benefit.

#4) Get rid of errors
Mistakes on a page look unprofessional, and error-free sites are rewarded in the new algorithms.

#5) Get rid of “dead-weight”
Some webmasters try to have as many pages as possible, because bigger sites tend to rank better. Unfortunately, a lot of those pages often have content that was either ripped off an article directory, doesn’t relate to the rest of the site, or is just plain useless. Yes, those pages are hurting you because they reflect on the rest of your site. Get rid of them.

If you are prepared, then you will actually benefit from Panda. Just make sure that you have a quality site that is well structured. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will benefit from the Google Panda update and every future Google algorithm update.

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    • MiamiDreamer
    • March 6, 2013

    Google panda update was a brutal wake up call for me. I had lost all my regular income overnight and I was distraught, but I knew I only had myself to blame for it. I had used many gray hat methods to rank my websites and it backfired on me when google caught to my trick. Since then I’ve scrapped all my websites and I started over again by adding helpful contents on my websites and being more patient with the growth of traffic. In a way, it was a good thing that it happened to me then and not 3 or 4 years down road. I would have seen much bigger loss if then.

    • ChrissyJbow
    • March 6, 2013

    I’ve got to agree with this. If you have a good website and if you were getting good traffic from google, then chances are your website wasn’t hit so hard by the google panda update. So the moral of the story is to build something that adds quality of the internet and don’t add to the pile up of garbage. I’m sure some innocent people were negatively affected by the panda update, but I know that for the most part the good people have benefited from it.

    • Ernest Sliter
    • December 21, 2012

    Thanks for posting an update about Panda, I was so confused about what the update was actually about.

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