Top 2012 Paid WordPress Pinterest Plugins and Scripts


With a membership of more than five million and growing by the minute, Pinterest is now a giant in the field of social media marketing. During January 2012, a larger number of Web users visited links found on Pinterest than all visitors following links from Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn and YouTube, combined.1 Pinterest invites members to organize, pin and display photographs, captions and other types of content on boards. These pin up exhibits can then be seen, pinned, tagged, followed and appreciated by many other site visitors and users. With creative and practical use of a wide variety of plugins currently available, members can easily take full advantage of pinning, displaying and sharing Web content.


Some of the most popular plugins currently in use by Pinterest users include the following:

Pinterest Pro for WordPress

This versatile plugin supports custom Pin It and Follow Me symbols, images and buttons. It comes with full support for both template and shortcode tags for buttons with multiple options. You will also be pleased with the tinyMCE toolbar wizard (plugin) for generating shortcode. Included are two individualized widgets for unlimited usage in installing Pinterest buttons in your blog and web content footers or webpage sidebars, without code. Installation of this plugin is fast and easy, and it comes with detailed instructions about how best to incorporate the template tab within your page designs and themes.


Pinterest Auto Pin for WordPress

This very useful plugin comes equipped with four varied image hover overlays. The stunning jQuery hover features actually fade in the Pinterest button on top of images for instantaneous pinning. In addition, whenever you create a new button, you will not have to type code or design a button or image style. You can also make use of your image alt tags inside the pin up box in the form of a previously loaded description. API loading is selective and works successfully with uploaded or linked images of multiple sizes. This plugin supports a comprehensive admin panel and Ajax settings. It comes with a complete instructional guide. It works well with all major browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


QuickPin Wall – Pinterest MultiColumn Gallery

With the assistance of this popular plugin, you can design an attractive gallery of images placed in multiple page columns. This can be accomplished by use of a number of buttons which can be created very easily. With use of these quickpin buttons, site members can pin images rapidly and efficiently. Users can choose the number of columns needed and insert links to images or to URLs. The lightbox (Fancybox) can also be used for loading images of your preference. Although this plugin will not load images from Pinterest which were pinned, it does promote the construction of multi-columned image galleries that can be pinned with the aid of Pinterest button features. Its image hover capabilities include a description box for animation, and it supports unlimited loading of images. This plugin is compatible with such browsers as Firefox, IE9 and Google Chrome, as well as mobile Android devices and those with Safari.


Advanced Social Widget – PHP Edition

This cleverly designed social widget provides versatile functionality and makes it possible for you to link your own site to nearly every desirable social networking website in existence. You will also gain usage of a FeedBurner email subscription. Your site visitors will have the option of subscribing to your RSS feed, becoming one of your Twitter followers, and sharing your site to the social networking sites of their choice. You can determine the widget size in order to make it useful on all site themes and layouts. This plugin will assume CSS styles from the theme you are displaying.


TumblrWall – MultiColumn Tumblr blog photo wall

This valuable widget exhibits images in an Ajax gallery layout with multiple columns, employing HTML plus jQuery. This gallery also has connection with linking lightboxes containing image displays. Pin and follow buttons are included, as well as a connecting link back to the initial Tumblr blog posting. This plugin offers simple installation and gathers blog images by means of the latest Tumblr api. You can determine the number of columns used for image displays, and you can view 20 images per each Ajax slide. You can quickly share images on multiple social networking sites. This widget is designed for use on mobile devices, and it works smoothly with iPad iOS6 Mobile Safari as well as with Android Browser.


jQuery My Social Share for WordPress

With installation of this helpful plugin, you can display as many as ten social network buttons that your site visitors can connect to. Your choices of these social site icons can be made from the designer-ready styles provided, or you can design your own. This plugin is structured for easy skinning with CSS, and all social media site icons can be customized. You can even preset the primary image to update in sync with your Facebook profile photo. You can also quickly access your various social site profiles without need of configuring. This plugin can be used with IE7, Firefox 3, Safari and Opera.


Social Image Hover for jQuery

A true convenience and time saver, this handy widget contains a design for easy access of all the most popular social networks on the Internet. You can make your images immediately shareable on these social sites by attaching their hover-over icons to your images. The hover-over feature operates cross-browser, resulting in higher traffic volumes of interested visitors or customers for your website or blog. On browsers that are non-supported, the hover feature reverts to CSS hovers. Eight separate hover features are included, and this plugin comes with comprehensive instructions for use. This widget is compatible with all iOS5 devices and is in popular use on iPhone, iPad, iTouch and the majority of Android devices.


Tiles Gallery

Tiles Gallery stands out from other available grid galleries because it contains a user-friendly complex and innovative grid. If you favor originality in your image displays, this is the best plugin to meet your creative design requirements and preferences. This grid presentation will enable your site visitors to view your entire photo collection at once. No knowledge of computer graphics or programming is necessary. There is no need to size your images since the grid will place them in cells, but images should weigh from several Kb to 100Kb for good display. Captions are easily inserted in the image title field.


jNewsticker / jQuery News Ticker

This comprehensive jQuery widget is programmed with three designs and skins of tickers. In addition, by reading the accompanying instruction guide, you can very easily design skins of your own. This plugin will be incorporated seamlessly into each site. You have the choice of (1) showing every news item, character by character, (2) scrolling constantly from one news item to the next, or (3) fading between each item of news. The sources of your news items can be RSS feeds or most of the popular social media sites. This plugin is suitable for resizing of your browser window and comes with an extensive instructional guide. It is compatible with IE7+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


JackBox – Responsive Lightbox

This useful plugin works well with all responsive websites and pages. You can actually fashion a lightbox in which all the photos, videos and music you want to share can be enjoyed with use of JackBox. Every item included has its own separate link, and thumbnail loading from Vimeo or YouTube is accomplished automatically. It comes with HTML5 audio/video with flash backup and many customized image hovers as well as tooltips. This widget has zoom capacity for small images, and autoplay can be set for video displays. All users should be comfortable with editing HTML and have experience with an FTP program.


WordPress Social Timeline / jQuery Social Timeline

This convenient plugin enables the user to retrieve data such as images, videos, posts or status from various social media sites, maintaining its chronological format that shows the newest item first. You can retrieve videos from YouTube by means of search terms and your tweets from Twitter with the aid of a hashtag. Support is offered for social filtering as well as cross browser usage. Complete feature instructions and demo explanations are included with this widget. Both a WordPress Social Timeline and a jQuery Social Timeline plugin are available to consumers.


Although there are numerous plugins that are advantageous for creative, innovative use of Pinterest and its many features, the ones described above are currently quite popular and in demand. All of them are relatively easy to use after consulting the instructional guides that are distributed with the plugins. In addition, they all fulfill practical purposes along with facilitating creative design and implementation. Especially since comprehensive knowledge and use of Pinterest are of great benefit to fully understanding and using the vast majority of social media and networking websites, it is very helpful to Pinterest users to become adept at using all the capabilities which these very useful and valuable plugins have to offer.

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    • Samuel
    • February 14, 2013

    If you’ve got a business it’s always better to rely on paid plugins than the free ones. With the free ones there’s no telling when the plugin will get discontinued and when it does, you’re screwed. The paid plugins though, you can often times structure a deal with the designer to continue giving you updates even when they decide to discontinue a certain plugin, that is of course as long as you pay them a little extra. With that said my favorites are pinterest auto pin and advanced social widet, no free plugin comes even close to their functionality and dependability.

    • Roche_Masakadza
    • February 10, 2013

    Pinterest has accelerated transform one of the first multiethnic networking websites in the concern and its somebody drug has grown significantly over the previous gathering or two. It’s now a great way for grouping to part your communication and as a webmaster, you should truly suppose nearly promoting your substance on the tract. Mentioned plug-ins for WordPress instrument definitely refrain to Pinterest marketing efforts.Thanks for precise sharing.

    • Dan
    • January 31, 2013

    Never heard too much about these plugins, but thanks for the info.

    • Rozhada_Anamika
    • December 25, 2012

    I haven’t check all those plugins yet but seems quite great.Anyways,I’ll definitely give a try of ‘Tiles Gallery’ as it contains a user-friendly complex and innovative grid.Thanks.

    • Jenny Clarkstere
    • December 21, 2012

    Though all these plugins are great, I personally really like Tiles Gallery, its useful but also easy to use.

    • Ernest Sliter
    • December 21, 2012


    • Ernest Sliter
    • December 21, 2012

    Excellent post, I’ll be sure to check out all of these plugins, I currently use Jackbox and I think it is great.

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