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google-plus-local-businessWith the global reach of the Internet, many people overlook the effectiveness of local marketing. There are customers near you that want to buy your products and use your services. Deliver just what they need by making your business easy to find on Google Plus for business. With innovative and intuitive features that promote your business, you will find a loyal new customer base through your Google Plus for business page.

Getting Started With Google Plus for Local Business

Setting up your Google Plus business page is easy. The first step, if you haven’t already done so, is to set up a Google account. The account is free and will allow you to access all of Google’s features, including email, documents and the Google calendar. Once you have your account set up, or is you already have an account it is time to visit the Google Plus signup page to first set up your personal Plus page, this is required. Now that you have that set up it is time to visit the  Google+ Business signup page. Now you must set up for Google Places listing and link it up to your business page.

Simply enter your phone number and let Google find your business on the interactive map. If your location is not found, manually enter your phone number and address for easy placement. If you are using a cell phone for your business, you will probably have to enter your contact information manually.

Setting up your local page for your business is a great way to target your local customers for free. Whenever someone searches for your product or service in your area, Google will automatically deliver your business location and pinpoint it on a handy map. Capture the dollars of your local customers by creating a free Google+ page for your local business.

Optimizing Your Google Plus Local Page

It’s not enough to simply build a great business and cross your fingers, hoping that customers will find you. In order to get the maximum exposure for your company, you have to make sure that you are the first resource customers find for your product or service. This is why optimizing your page is so important. There are several tips that you can use to drive the maximum amount of customers to your page.

Make Your Page Pretty

Customers love visually appealing and fresh content. Keep your blog updated, post pictures of your business, staff and products and provide relevant information. Be sure to add in information that will help customers do business with you. One of the major mistakes that business owners make is not listing their hours of operation on their page. If your customers have to search for basic information, they will simply go somewhere else.

Encourage Your Customers to Share

The biggest trend in social media is users sharing interesting information with friends. Your site can quickly go viral with just a few social media mentions or shares. Make it easy by providing links to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on your page. Encourage your customers to “like” your products and interact with you on your social media sites.

Make it Mobile

In the last year alone, the number of users that access the Internet on their mobile devices has increased exponentially. If your customers can’t access your site from their mobile devices, your site is in trouble. If you have a website or blog connected to your Google+ page, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices.

Use Keywords

Think like your customer. Use keywords in your content that matches what your local customers are searching for. If your customers are looking for “chocolate chip cookies in Springfield,” for example, create blog posts with that exact title. Create image captions like “the best chocolate chip cookies in Springfield.” Create headers that correspond with common search terms. By optimizing your site with keywords, you will enjoy greater exposure for your business and higher page ranking.

Let Your Customers Speak for You

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your site is to add testimonials from real customers. Encourage your loyal customers to leave positive reviews about your product. Conduct a contest that gives a free product or discount for the best video testimonial. Adding positive reviews for your site gives it credibility and attracts new customers.

If you want to target local customers, there is no better way than using Google Plus for Business. This interactive module puts the power of the king of search engines behind your company. Target your customer and grab their dollar by using the best resources for promoting your company online for free. Getting your own Google+ Local for Business page is easy and free. Sign up today.

Other Useful Google Services For Businesses

Broadcast Your Business Locally

Invite your customers to come and hang out with you, live on air. Hangout on Air allows you to create a live video broadcast featuring your business and share it with everyone in your circle. Showcase a new product or service and get the word out to local customers who want to become fans of your business. With Hangout on Air, your followers can share your video on their other social media sites, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your company.


Google Tools for Office Operations

With the best tools for your business, you can streamline your back office operations without hiring an assistant. Google Presentations allows you to create attention-grabbing slideshows and presentations that get results. Manage all of your daily appointments with Google Calendar and see all of your appointments at a glance. With Google Docs, simply and easily create documents for all of your business needs.

Google Plus Services

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    • Ricky Davis
    • March 6, 2013

    Sometimes you get so caught up on improving your website’s ranking on organic searches, that you forget there are other ways to bring in highly converting traffic. People who come to your store due to the local searches are very likely to convert to sales and I’d say that one of those clients is probably better than 10 visitors you’ll get to your website on organic searches. I’d set up my google page with enough plus one already voted though and give the appearance that it is an established business.

    • VivG557
    • March 6, 2013

    I’ve heard about this too, of how local business searches and not just google plus is driving lots of business to offline businesses. The thing with google though is that always innovate and if they lose out to the competition, they’ll buy them off, so eventually google will win anyways. I don’t know if google plus will someday take the social media throne from facebook or twitter, but I wouldn’t bet against them.

    • Alma
    • March 6, 2013

    We’re talking about a Google product after all, so it wouldn’t hurt to invest a little bit of your time to set up a profile for their new feature. Local business presence on the web is becoming more important by the day it’d make sense to grab a corner of a social media platform backed by the biggest online entity the world has ever known. I don’t know how many of my current clients who’ve signed up for my Twitter feed or Facebook page would join me at Google plus, but regardless of the result it’ll be interesting to find out how successful this will end up becoming.

    • Samuel
    • February 14, 2013

    Google plus isn’t even on the radar for many business owners and it was the same for me, until I read an article about its growth recently by pure chance. I was at my dentist’s office waiting for my turn and I started doing searches on social media and that’s when I read an article which stated that Google Plus is actually the fastest growing social media platform at the moment. I forget the exact number but the growth rate was staggering. Facebook and Twitter might get all the hype, but it looks as though Google Plus has chased them right on their heels quietly and efficiently.

    • Ribel_Anderson
    • February 10, 2013

    I occurrence whether it’s practicable to create enterprise saliency via Google advantageous. I know 2 divergent concern types, so I would like to designate both but should be two polar pages, reactionary? Your site is just superb. I’m gonna bookmark it. Thanks anyways Tim.

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