Local Citation Building Service


Citations are very important for Local SEO campaign and helps to boost your G+ Page rank. A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). With our service we research and find the best citation sources for your business. We then manually submit your NAP to these resources and continue to monitor them for updates and changes.

Local citations” are mentions of a business on a webpage. These mentions could include any of the following pairs of data:

  • Business Name + Address
  • Business Name + Phone Number
  • Address + Phone Number

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Any business that wants to be found when a customer conducts an Internet search should keep local citations in mind. More citations mean a greater likelihood of a business being ranked near the top of the consumer’s search results on a search engine. Submission of the business’s website to local directories is only part of the process of local citation. Whenever and wherever possible, we mention the name of our client’s business on websites and forums that are related in some way to the business.

Local citation building begins with research

We will collect information from the client. This is to match it against information about the business that is already in circulation and to have accurate information to post once we begin citing our client online. This research will reveal where our client’s name is already listed and where the name of the business already appears. When these mentions or citations are found, we will check to see if the name, address and phone number is correct, up to date and consistent across all of these mentions and citations. We correct discrepancies as soon as possible.

An important part of establishing local citations is learning which local directories are most popular in the area and which are most effective at helping consumers to find the products or services they need. We avoid using lists of sites that have already been compiled for them unless our client has specific sites that they know they want to be listed on. This policy helps us avoid overlooking any sites or directories that may produce the best results.

All citations are made manually, no bots or automated methods

Once all necessary information has been gathered and verified, we get to work building the local citations. This process involves actually visiting the websites to place the citations, not relying on automated processes. We do not outsource this work. We want to make sure that citations are correctly placed at the correct websites. We then produce a report that clearly explains the work we have done, such as at which sites and directories our client’s business name has been cited.

Once the submission is made we continue to monitor for updates

The work is not over when the citations have been placed and entries have been submitted to directories. Local citations must be monitored. The acceptance rate for most directories is high, but it can take weeks or even months for some directories to accept submissions. This is because they manually review each submission and may have backlogs. If a directory does not notify our client of acceptance or rejection of their directory listing, someone will have to monitor the directory every week or so to learn whether the listing has been posted. Specialized software can help with some of this monitoring, but it often involves a person visiting the directory weeks after the listing has been submitted.

Benefits of using our local citation building service

Local citations can drive first time buyers of a product or service to a website and this initial research can lead to a long term relationship. Local citations can be especially useful for getting the business of people who have recently moved to a new city. A person who recently bought a house in a new city will want to find a plumber quickly if they discover a clogged drain. They will most likely call the two or three top search results when they type “plumbers in San Diego” into a search engine.

Many business owners have the technical and marketing skills to build their own local citations, but doing so can be time consuming. This can divert them from servicing their customers or making new sales. We can save a local business owner a great deal of time while helping to increase their business.