How To Publish And Sell eBooks On Amazon


Many people think that publishing and selling an ebook on Amazon is a long process. The truth is that the entire process can go very quickly and very smoothly simply by following a few simple steps. There has never been a better time to publish a book online , and with the rising popularity of Amazon’s market for ebooks, now is an excellent time to share your ideas with the world by publishing a book with Amazon.


Choose An Audience

One of the first things that a person who wants to publish a book online should do is to choose their audience. By choosing an audience, a person will be able to easily determine who they would like to market their book to online, and by selecting an audience, a person can choose who they would like to read their ebook.

In addition, a person can write their book online in a way that caters to their target audience in order to attract many more readers and significantly raise its popularity.

Choose A Title And A Subject

Once an author has chosen their target audience, it’s time to choose the title and the subject of the ebook. The book can cover one subject or a wide variety of subjects in a particular field, and the title should be interesting and enticing in order to attract many new readers.

Designing A Cover Photo Or Picture

Designing a top notch cover photo is a vital step to creating a successful book online, and the cover photo is one of the first things that potential readers will see when they are considering your ebook. The cover photo on the new book needs to catch the reader’s attention, and it must encourage potential readers to buy it and to read it.


Having a graphic designer create a cover photo for you may be a good idea, and many graphic designers have a lot of experience creating high quality cover photos.

Having A Way To Connect With Readers

An author should establish a method of connecting with their readers. By establishing a blog, a website or a profile on various social media networks, an author can answer any questions that any readers may have, and they can give their readers updates on any new books that they may be working on.

Write The Ebook

typing-ebookOnce an author has chosen a target audience, created a title, designed and created a cover image and established a platform, it’s time to write the book. Many people wait until they feel that they have a large amount of time to get started, and while waiting until a person has hours to work on their new piece is understandable, the best way to get started writing an book online is to just sit down at the computer and start writing the ebook.

Writing a book online with Microsoft Word has many advantages over writing it by using other programs, and Microsoft Word has a number of important features that can help an author write their ebook.

While writing a long book online, it’s vital to create a table of contents in order to effectively organize the piece, and a table of contents will help readers find certain chapters and particular pages more effectively.

Choosing The Price

Choosing the price of the book is an important step when creating an ebook. When selling a book online, a person can choose a low price or a high price, and low prices and high prices both have benefits when selling an book online.

A low price will generally encourage more people to buy the book, and the author may make more sales by offering their piece for a low price. In contrast, a high price will give the author more money for every sale of their book that they make, and in addition, some people may think that an ebook that is being sold for a higher price may be more valuable and have better information than one that is being sold for a lower price.

Formatting The Ebook

Once a person has written their piece and chosen the price of their book, it’s time to format the ebook. Formatting the book can be a relatively easy process if a person understands how to use HTML code; however, formatting a book can also be a long process.

If an author wants to have their ebook formatted quickly, they can pay a company to format the it for them. 52Novels is one of the companies that formats books online, and their prices vary depending on the number of words that the piece has.

Upload The Ebook And Write A Description

Once the book has been formatted, it’s time to upload it. Amazon makes it very easy to upload an ebook, and a person can use the tool that Amazon provides on their website to upload a new book of any size.

In addition, a person can write a description about their new book when they upload it. Writing a description is very important because it allows the author to describe the piece to potential readers while simultaneously enticing potential readers to buy the ebook.

Amazon gives the author the ability to write a description of their book that has up to 4,000 characters, so the author has a significant amount of writing space to encourage people to read their new piece.

amazon-kdpDecide Whether Or Not To Use Kindle Direct Publishing

If a person chooses Kindle Direct Publishing, or “KDP,”, their book will be in the publishing program for at least 90 days. KDP has some advantages for authors, and KDP may help the author to attract new readers.

In addition, KDP allows an author to offer their book for free for five days, and once the five days are over, their ebook will again be available at the price that the author decides to sell it for.

Allowing people to read the book for free for five days may encourage some people to get started reading the it, and if the person really likes the piece, it’s likely that they will purchase it once it is available at a particular price again.

Choosing The Royalties

Authors have two options when choosing the royalties that they receive from their book online. An author can choose to receive 70% of the revenue that is generated from their ebook, and if the author chooses this option, the price for the book has to be at least $2.99.

In addition to being able to receive 70% of the revenue that the book generates, an author can choose to receive 35% of the revenue that the book generates, and if an author chooses to receive 35% of the revenue, they can set the price for their ebook for as low as 99 cents.


When publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon, there are many steps to take and things to consider. Some of these include choosing an audience, choosing a title and a subject, designing a cover image, creating a website or a blog to communicate effectively with readers and potential readers, writing the book, choosing the price of the ebook, formatting the book, uploading the piece, writing a description for the book, deciding whether or not to use Kindle Direct Publishing and choosing the royalties that the author will receive for the book.

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    • olufemi
    • January 5, 2015

    This is a good piece of information. How does this apply to authors in different part of the world like Nigeria who are willing to upload good books? Can you kind e-mail me how the issue of royalty can be done without hassles?

  1. Reply

    Great post! Also note that if you’re posting public domain books (which is totally legal as long as the books not already on there) that the 35% royalty is the only option.

    To you good fortune,


    • Okey-Ngene, Thomas
    • September 23, 2013

    I’m a writer living in Nigeria. I have published a couple of books and would like to expand my reach to the world. i understand the process of selling my e-book. However, i’m not clear about how royalties are paid, especially to someone who does not reside in the Uk/America and who does not have a bank account in any of these countries. Please advice. Thank you.

    • melissa
    • April 15, 2013

    Thank you!

    • S Lindsay
    • March 17, 2013

    Thank you Tim for this very informative article. I have been looking to write and ebook and sell on Amazon for some time but reading your article has really helped me to finally make the decision to do it. I didn’t know about the two different Royalties you could choose so thank you for that tip.

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