Appear First on Google Search

With over 1 billion members, Facebook is the most successful social media website in history. It also represents a golden opportunity for brands to engage customers with smart Facebook marketing. Consider these statistics: [quote]Facebook has over 950 million active users every month, with daily logins totaling 852 million. – Social Media Examiner[/quote] [quote]72 percent of […]

There is a lot that goes into tweaking blog posts to get maximum SEO benefits. However, it is a lot of work and takes a serious time investment. Blog owners struggle to find the time to optimize SEO for their blog, and find time to create quality blog posts that will attract readers in the […]

It used to be that any link pointing to a website benefited its overall rankings on Google and other search engines. In fact, it was Google that introduced the system back in 1998, making it one of the most important factors in its search algorithm’s decision process when assessing a page. Recognizing that, webmasters spent […]

Link diversity is what you need to obtain. When choosing anchor text for your backlink campaigns you really want to mix it up these days. Using the same keywords over and over to link to your site is the quickest way to get a Google penalty. Having some “natural” backlinks is important. When other people […]

With the recent Google Penguin updates, buying backlinks just isn’t the same anymore. No longer can you rely upon various spammy and low-cost services to get the job done. Hiring such businesses will only harm your sites for both the short and long term. Since you know what Google is capable of, wouldn’t you want […]

The Google Plus One button is popping up all over and people are starting to take notice. The market place is slowly shifting from the physical arena to the electronic market place which is the internet. For anyone to know you exist on internet, you must be found, and the only way to do this […]

The Google Panda update has many online marketers scrambling. A lot of webmasters have seen a significant drop in their search rankings since these changes took effect. What is the Google Panda update? It’s the name of Google’s latest algorithm change. It first came out on February 24. At the time over 10% of the […]