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If you have a hard time understanding on-page SEO and ranking for competitive keywords, then SEOPressor is an essential WordPress plugin for your blog. This plugin is incredibly easy to use, and it has many features that will help you optimize all of your articles without fearing a penalty from Google. This plugin is essential […]

Designing and using local search methods is the latest marketing strategy being touted as the main way for any company to gain more regional business. Since digital mobile devices have become customary, search developers and marketers have been focusing upon how to leverage this very lucrative potential to elevate web traffic from the target audience. […]

Yelp has become a powerful local business tool. It has been instrumental in the field of tourism. Consumers looking to get the 411 on a local restaurant or where to find the best hotel always turn to the directory service. Yelp Yelp offers its web visitors search capabilities for any local region’s resources. One simply […]

Are online reviews killing your business? You may be surprised. Consumerism was once fueled entirely by advertising and marketing. What was seen and heard formed our opinions on products even when it wasn’t true. Business reviews were available in limited formats and few consumers sought them out even on major purchases. It wasn’t uncommon at […]

With the global reach of the Internet, many people overlook the effectiveness of local marketing. There are customers near you that want to buy your products and use your services. Deliver just what they need by making your business easy to find on Google Plus for business. With innovative and intuitive features that promote your […]

With a membership of more than five million and growing by the minute, Pinterest is now a giant in the field of social media marketing. During January 2012, a larger number of Web users visited links found on Pinterest than all visitors following links from Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn and YouTube, combined.1 Pinterest invites members […]

YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. It may appear to be a lot of cute kittens playing piano and Justin Bieber. The fact is a large majority of businesses are using the media platform for increasing their profile, CRM, profits and a myriad of objectives that spell good marketing. […]

Instagram is a mobile phone application that is used for sharing and editing photos. Users can touch up their photos using filters, to give them that retro look which is so popular right now, or leave them as is and post them untouched. The images are posted to a public feed, which others can see […]

Black Hat SEO, like it or not, is a powerful strategy for driving a website to the top of organic searches. If black hat strategies are used correctly, they can be supplemental to white hat SEO, or replace research-based analytics and traditional SEO entirely. As with all things, black hat SEO has both positive and […]