Black Hat SEO: Pros and Cons


Black Hat SEO, like it or not, is a powerful strategy for driving a website to the top of organic searches. If black hat strategies are used correctly, they can be supplemental to white hat SEO, or replace research-based analytics and traditional SEO entirely.

As with all things, black hat SEO has both positive and negative aspects, and it is up to the individual marketer to decide whether or not black hat strategies should be utilized on a case by case basis. If black hat techniques are used carelessly, negative consequences may suddenly arise.

Pros of Black Hat SEO:

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  • Black hat SEO can be highly effective. It is essentially a “shortcut”. Instead of having to update a website with fresh content (or copy), webmasters can embed hidden text or stuff their website with keywords to drive up their site on the page rankings.
  • Using black hat strategies is an excellent way to guarantee a fast return from an SEO “campaign”. Instead of waiting for months for linkbacks and updating content using traditional white hat methods, a black hat site will only spend a month or two in the preliminary stages before climbing to the top of search rankings. It helps to have an infrastructure of dummy blogs already, as this only speeds up the process.
  • Black hat marketing is generally cheaper than running a white hat marketing campaign, since white hat campaigns depend on analytics and detailed website content. For this reason, it is usually must more expensive and less cost effective in the short term to start a white hat SEO marketing campaign.
  • Black hat SEO does not depend on advanced features, stunning GUI, or expensive banner advertising to generate leads and draw in new customers, so the website can be relatively simple with keyword-stuffed copy, hidden text in div tags, and is devoid of complex features.
  • Black hat strategies help contribute to a more equitable and homogenous search experience. Since black hat marketers user clever strategies to circumvent search protocol, the businesses with the greatest assets do not always necessarily show up as the top result for organic searches. If not for black hat SEO, the “average joe” would not have a chance on large search engines.
  • Black hat tactics force search providers to enhance their engines and change the search experience. Because of this, companies like Google are constantly coming up with new ways to approach the idea of page rankings.


Cons of Black Hat SEO:

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  • Black hat SEO is a very lucrative business. While it can speed up a marketing campaign, there are also great risks involved. Penalties and consequences imposed by search providers can easily damage the reputation of a company and its products.
  • Black hat tactics rely upon deception, so some webmasters are uncomfortable deploying these strategies out of an adherence to a set of moral or ethical values.
  • This sort of marketing floods the internet with useless spam and needless information. White hat sites are a host to useful and unique content, while black hat sites may just be a platform to host keywords and draw in new users to affiliates or to a main business’ site.
  • It is not uncommon for black hat sites to be threatened with legal action, especially if the content is recycled from another source.
  • To an experienced internet user, a black hat site may appear unappealing or suspicious. This can drive away customers.
  • Search providers are very accommodating to white hat sites that play by the rules the engine has set in place, but are rarely so forgiving or eager to help sites that circumvent or ignore the rules of the service. Burning bridges is rarely a good thing for business.
  • Under some conditions, using black hat strategies to generate a profit from PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can lead to heavy penalties from the ad host or even legal action. Even if the clicks are legitimate and the users are interested in the products shown, many ad services discourage their host sites from using black hat methods of advertising.


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  2. When it comes to white hat vs. black hat tactics, one is really not better than the other – just different. White hat practices often take months to produce results. On the other hand, black hat practices utilize against-the-rules tricks that speed the optimization process.

    • Kevin D
    • February 14, 2013

    I say go with black hat seo if you’ve got a business that you can profit massively in say less than 6 months, but if not it shouldn’t even be in your consideration. Black hat seo will get you in trouble sooner or later, so you should never implement it on a business that you consider your lifelong venture. With that said, even if you’re going the black hat route, make sure you know who you’re dealing with and always hire top notch seo companies even if you pay some extra. Don’t ever be cheap on your business investment.

    • Chang_Brutsile
    • February 10, 2013

    Black hat SEO is likely one of the biggest concerns for the would-be SEO practician. Humbug and dirty contention are here in any business and those who are white and honourable worsen from this but Black Hat SEO is still pretty widespread. It is faithful that seek engines penalise dishonourable hat practices but plant Black hat SEO is a better occupy for the business. Anyways, Two fingers up for zealous intercourse.

    • Greg_Bonny
    • December 25, 2012

    It’s really insider detail of Black Hat SEO.I knew some tricks which were completely unknown to me as a back linker.BTW,Thanks for sharing & looking forward for more.

    • Ernest Sliter
    • December 21, 2012

    I never use Black Hat SEO because it in my mind is just too risky, however I know many other internet marketers that do use it.

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