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Are online reviews killing your business? You may be surprised. Consumerism was once fueled entirely by advertising and marketing. What was seen and heard formed our opinions on products even when it wasn’t true. Business reviews were available in limited formats and few consumers sought them out even on major purchases. It wasn’t uncommon at all for people to buy into advertising slogans and spins.

Thanks to the Internet and the instant, easy to access communication it affords getting real reviews from actual past  customers is quick, simple, and best of all, often free. Those business reviews are very important in a day and age where the economy makes every purchase a major purchase.

With online restaurant, lawyer, and everything from dentist to esthetician reviews you can find the best services and know that what who you are paying is going to do the job you need, and even learn about possibilities you never dreamt of. When you look for service reviews of any type there are two types of review: expert reviews, and personal user reviews. Both are worth their weight in gold and should be considered equally for their specific reasons. They are real reviews from real users.

With expert reviews you will get information regarding the specifications, they know what each service should do and probably have a great deal of experience with a wide variety of similar products to compare them against. With user reviews you get a no-holds barred truthfulness that many professionals may hold back on a little bit out of fear of retribution, or no longer having access to a particular company’s line of product. Along with that user reviews usually amount to a larger number of people giving their view of a product.

There is likely to be a bit of a range of opinion and users will love a service, some will hate it, and others will be in the middle. Reading them all, looking at why they feel the way they do can help you make a valuable decision for them. What one user finds difficult you can decide isn’t an issue, and what another thinks is not a problem you may consider troublesome.

The value of any service review isn’t in someone else making a decision for you. That’s what ads and marketing campaigns try to do. The real value in expert reviews and real reviews consumers is the ability to see what is out there, what others think and see what your business offers so they you can make educated decisions for themselves.

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    • Ricky Davis
    • March 6, 2013

    I make most of my online purchase decisions based on user reviews as well, so I don’t find it surprising that most people rely on oth consumer opinions to assess products and services. If you’re going to build a web presence for your business, then it is crucial that you put yourself in the best position to receive positive reviews. That starts with a solid business, but at the same token you’ve got tend to disgruntled clients as soon as you can. Replying to customer complaints promptly and making sure things don’t get worse can actually be seen as a sign of trust for future clients as well.

    • ChrissyJbow
    • March 6, 2013

    Negative voices are always louder than the positive ones. The people who are satisfied of your service or product will not go out of their way to find your website and rave about your service, but the ones who have had less than satisfactory experience will. It’s just fact of life. I would say that putting up at least a couple dozen positive reviews of your business to neutralize the inevitable negative reviews is an absolute necessity for any business.

    • Alma
    • March 6, 2013

    At times you get bad reviews and you deserve them, but it also happens to be that there’s some luck involved in it as well. Sometimes the first review of your business is a negative one and the ones with positive experiences are less likely to challenge that review. So even if you have say 8 out of 10 satisfaction rating, the only ones to follow up the negative comments will the ones who were not satisfied with your business. That’s when you need to change things up a little by adding some artificial positive comments and make it easy for customers with positive experience to share their opinions as well.

    • Samuel
    • February 14, 2013

    My company got hit with lots of bad reviews after we’ve made a mistake on a promotion we ran. We tried to explain to the people what had happened and we even gave lots of free things to appease some of them, but it didn’t do any good. Once the mass decide to trample you, then you’re at their mercy. This is why I think at times you need some help from a third party to swing those opinions, because I know for a fact more than half the reviews we got for that promotion were written by folks who didn’t even participate in them and they just joined in on the fun.

    • Ketrinaah_Serapaz
    • February 10, 2013

    Reviews thing indeed! So far as I bonk 87% of consumers say optimistic reviews online score improved their judgment to get a quantity or author recommended to them time 80% of consumers say dissenting reviews online somebody prefabricated them convert their knowledge active purchasing a fluid or coupling advisable to them. Images suchlike these ever refrain with illustrating to clients the standing of destined strategies. City communicating. Guesswork I requisite to egest one of my own now. Thanks.

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